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Shot on: The hollywood standard. The Equipment used by oscar® winners.

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Cowan Agency delivered our video project within an express deadline of 10 business days. We received an outstanding creative quality and an engaging video that is helping us to convey our message exactly as we needed. 

Kevin Wang Head of Growth Koniku

Fernando Started his career when he was 19 years old, at this age he was producing content for Top Mexican Chefs such as Javier Plascencia, Owner of Restaurant Caesar, where the Caesar Salar was invented.

Forbes México

I am in awe with how he has taken pure will (and plenty of talent) to get exactly where he said he was going to get when we first spoke a few years ago.

Marcela Valladolid Emmy® Nominated Food Network Chef

Remote Editing at your Office and Express Delivery (5-10 Business Days)

We have saved our clients weeks of hustling, money, and time by taking our editing workstation to their office and delivering the content exactly as they want. (Original service by Cowan Agency)

rated and cERTIFIED BY up city as "one of the top video production agencies in the Bay Area"


Reel 2018

Here's our latest showreel with some of our favorite projects

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Koniku: The Future is Unknown

One of the series of videos produced for Koniku. Silicon Valley Startup featured in Forbes, CNN, TechCrunch, BBC, Dailymail and more.

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Casa Marcela Book Promotional Video

Commercial promoting Emmy-nominated Marcela Valladolid's new book "Casa Marcela" including referrals from some major Hollywood celebrities.

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Casa Marcela Featuring Honest Backpack

Commercial featuring Food network's Chef Marcela Valladolid and the new Honest Backpack

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Coca-cola sponsored music video

Sara Serena's, "Chasing Dragons" was in the Billboard's Top 20 Hot List in 2017.

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Music Video Feat. Prima Ballerina Sasha de Sola and David Simmons

We had an incredible experience shooting this project at the War Memorial Veteran's Building in San Francisco.

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Creative Corporate Video for Project "Road to One"

Intended for Internal purposes only, this fun and symbolic video represents the merging of 2 Silicon Valley companies. 

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Trailer for Mexican Cuisine and Heritage Series

Cinematic trailer for upcoming Online Series "Mexican Cuisine & Heritage."

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Mero Mero Taquero

Commercial about a Mexican Taquero trying to impress his Taco Queen (Latino Version)

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IOS Christian Rooms

Video Campaign produced for a Christian Co-housing Project in Mexico

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The Circle of Love

Short documentary about the most precious day for a couple, their wedding day.

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We offer you the best value to price ratio, efficiency and expertise using the most cutting-edge editing software (Davinci Resolve), camera equipment (Arri Alexa Cameras) and creative team in the San Francisco Bay Area at an unparalleled price.

Our Unique Color Grading Technology: We Use the World's Finest LUT Library 35mm Negative And Film Print LUTs.

Our Digital Marketing Expertise & Video Distribution

● Google AdWords ● Website Development ● Google Analytics ● Graphic Design ●Instagram Automation + AI ● Messenger Marketing ● E-Commerce Development ● Facebook Pixels

Latest projects from our Art Director Marco sierra

Client: Hellmann's

Magazine Ad Campaign, Product Photography, Editing.

Client: Cricket Wireless

Advertising, Print Design, and Typography

Client: El Come Taco

Photography Service and Website redesign

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Meet our leaders: Because 1 samurai equals 15 standard warriors

Web, Software and Mobile App Developer Giacomo Guiulfo

From a young age, Giacomo Guiulfo developed and nurtured a passion for computers. Creating arcade video games, repairing computers, and managing multiple profitable YouTube channels, Giacomo has always been in tune with technology. He continued his education studying computer science at Universidad in Peru, with dreams of moving to Silicon Valley after graduation. After only a semester at Universidad, he was able to turn that dream into a reality thanks to 42, a revolutionary school in the Bay Area that turned the education system on its head. At 18, he made the difficult decision to leave his life and his home country behind to pursue his life-long dream of becoming a software engineer and entrepreneur. In just under six months, he volunteered to join 42 to help return the favor to the school that changed his life. 

Creative Director and Photographer Maries Danila

Maries is a commercial and fashion photographer, specializing in portrait and corporate photography. Her work is constantly being published in major magazines such as Vogue and Avante. She is fluent in English, Russian and Spanish. She has experience working with a handful of celebrities, such as Keesha Sharp, Annika Marks, Kaylee Bryant, Candace Rice, and Jasmine Luv.

Forbes Featured Producer Fernando Cowan

Fernando Cowan is a 26-Year-old director featured in a number of major magazines. He has experience working with Emmy-nominated food network chefs, and high-end clientele such as Coca-cola, Forbes, Castlight, Koniku. He is well-versed in every stage of the production process, from screenwriting to color correction. His advanced technical experience is what makes him the successful artist and entrepreneur he is today.

Executive Producer & Copywriter Hannah Hazy

Hannah was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. Graduated from Auburn University, she has a degree in visual media and communications. She recently collaborated with Spaceman Media on commercial projects involving brand name companies such as Home Depot, Red Bull, Chick-Fil-A, The USA Paralympic Team and National Geographic.  She knows how to conduct extensive product research and how to collaborate directly with clientele, pitching film concepts and scripts that would ensure success and satisfaction across the board.

Audio Producer & Lead Sound Designer Alex Ciprés

Alex is an audiophile/musician with 20 years of experience, who began his musical career studying classical piano as a child with a renowned Russian concert pianist , then went on to study guitar at Berklee. He is now the resposible for all sound design and original sound composition for all of our clients.

Art Director + Graphic Designer Marco Sierra

Marco is a multidisciplinary artist with over five years of experience in the creative field. During his career, he had the opportunity to partner with prominent clients, agencies, and individuals in hopes of supporting their efforts to carry out innovative business concepts.